J. Ann Eldridge

I was born Judith Ann Eldridge in Houlton Maine in 1953. Most of my life has been spent in Central Massachusetts and New Hampshire. I like the name 'Judith' well enough, and the shortened version 'Jude' suited me for a long time. When I began marketing prints and drawings at retail shows, encountering a great many people for brief moments, I found that offering my middle name 'Ann' was simply less confusing.

In 1977, I graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, majoring in printmaking. My prints are all true stories, and the titles rattle around in my head long before the images appear on paper. These short stories come to me when I'm doing something other than artwork – growing food, counting frogs, crossing town. As with most image-makers, I draw the things I know the best. I spend a lot of time on local conservation and wildlife projects as well.

As a state-juried member of the League of NH Craftspeople, my work can be found at most of their stores as well as in galleries around New England. I also participate in a number of juried retail shows.

J. Ann Eldridge
Bradford, NH